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In TransitionThe Quill and the Sword Medieval Reenactment Club

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Organization Name: The Quill and the Sword Medieval Reenactment Club
Abbreviations: Q & S
Purpose: To educate people about, and to recreate the Medieval lifestyle from all of Eurasia, from the basic lifestyle, mode of cooking, working, and dressing to politics, warfare, music and dancing, and any other aspect of life between 600-1600 A.D.
Year Founded: 1997
Membership Dues: $10/semester
Admits Members: All year
Meeting Locations: 240 Crabtree, Thursdays 7:00 (Not meeting during Spring/Summer)

Additional Information
Category: Registered
Classification: BYUSA - Special Interests
Status: In Transition
Completing annual recognition process.
Cycle Month: March

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E-mail Address:
Public Contact: Steven Billings