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About This Organization
Organization Name: Tribe of Many Feathers
Abbreviations: TMF
Purpose: Tribe of Many Feathers Club promotes an awareness and appreciation for all diverse cultures and heritages at Brigham Young University; this includes Native American students from the United States and Canada. The Club is committed to the education, inclusion, and individual development for all club members. Our hope is to unite all students at Brigham Young University to share and learn from one another through service and involvement in the campus community.
Year Founded: 1950
Membership Dues: No dues
Admits Members: All year
Meeting Locations: WSC

Additional Information
Category: Registered
Classification: BYUSA - Culture/International
Status: In Transition
Restricted by BYU Organization Management; one or more recognition requirements unmet.
Cycle Month: March

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Web Site:!/group.php?gid=166490512357
E-mail Address:
Public Contact: LaVay S. Talk
(801) 422-6849